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1970-75: Cabinet rank Chronology

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70 Jun 19 Fr Info Only Key [Chronology] MT given her first Cabinet post (Secretary of State for Education and Science)
70 Jun 30 Tu Info Only Key [Chronology] Circular 10/70, withdrawing compulsion to go comprehensive
72 Jan 9 Su Info Only Key [Chronology] Miners' strike began
72 Jan 20 Th Info Only Key [Chronology] Unemployment passed 1m
72 Jan 30 Su Info Only Key [Chronology] "Bloody Sunday": British troops killed 13 in Londonderry
72 Feb 10 Th Info Only Key [Chronology] Saltley Coke depot closed by pickets
72 Feb 19 Sa Info Only Key [Chronology] Heath conceded miners' demands
72 Mar 21 Tu Info Only Key [Chronology] Budget: full scale reflation
72 Mar 22 We Info Only Key [Chronology] Industry White Paper, basis of 1972 Industry Act
72 Mar 24 Fr Info Only Key [Chronology] Northern Ireland: Stormont suspended; direct rule began
72 Jun 23 Fr Info Only Key [Chronology] Sterling floated: left European `snake' and unpegged from dollar
72 Nov 6 Mo Info Only Key [Chronology] Statutory control of pay, prices, dividends and rents (Phase I)
72 Dec 6 We Info Only Key [Chronology] MT's White Paper published: Education: A Framework for Expansion
73 Jan 1 Mo Info Only Key [Chronology] Britain acceded to the European Community
73 Oct 6 Sa Full Text Key [Chronology] Arab-Israeli War (ended 24 Oct); oil price increased 70 per cent
73 Oct 8 Mo Info Only Key [Chronology] Phase III announced: 2.25 or 7 per cent; inflation linked `threshold' payments
73 Nov 12 Mo Info Only Key [Chronology] NUM overtime ban began; State of Emergency following day
73 Dec 9 Su Info Only Key [Chronology] Sunningdale Agreement
73 Dec 13 Th Info Only Key [Chronology] Three day week announced
74 Feb 7 Th Full Text Key [Chronology] General Election called for 28 Feb
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