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1990 Nov 22 Th
Margaret Thatcher

HC S: [Confidence in Her Majesty’s Government] [film]

Document type:multimedia
Document kind:Film
Venue:House of Commons
Source:Parliamentary Recording Unit
Editorial comments:1650-1723. A written text of this speech is also available in the Speeches section of the site.
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Themes:Agriculture, Conservatism, Defence (general), Defence (arms control), Defence (Falklands War 1982), Education, Employment, Industry, General Elections, Monetary policy, Pay, Public spending and borrowing, Taxation, Trade, European Union (general), European Union Budget, Economic, monetary and political union, European Union Single Market, Foreign policy (Central and Eastern Europe), Foreign policy (International organisations), Foreign policy (Middle East), Foreign policy (USSR and successor states), Health policy, NHS reforms 1987-90, Housing, Labour Party and Socialism, Leadership, Conservative Party (leadership elections), Social security and welfare, Trade union law reform, Famous statements by MT