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1981 Oct 9 Fr
Commentary (The Times)

Conservative Party: "The Troubled Ranks of Tuscany" (leader on Changing Gear ) [party in "the early stages of demoralisation"]

Document type:commentary
Document kind:Article
Source: The Times , 9 Oct 1981 (p13)
Editorial comments:The curious title of the leader refers in part to lines from Macaulay's Horatius at the Bridge , once known by every schoolboy: "All Rome sent forth a rapturous cry/And even the ranks of Tuscany/Could scarce forbear to cheer". But it is also a dig at the preferred holiday destination of the Blue Chips, and perhaps that of Ian Gilmour who owned a fine Tuscan villa just north of Lucca.
Importance ranking:Major
Word count:1p
Themes:Conservatism, Economy (general discussions), Monetary policy, Public spending and borrowing

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