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1991-2017: Recent history Commentary

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03 Jun 26 Th Full Text Key Commentary (Daily Telegraph & BBC) Obituary: Thatcher [Sir Denis] (1915-2003)
03 Jun 27 Fr Full Text Key Commentary (Daily Telegraph) MT & DT: “Denis - a sound judge of men who chose a great woman” (Bill Deedes tribute)
11 Jun 22 We PDF Major Agar (Jon) MT: Jon Agar "Thatcher, Scientist" [study of MT’s scientific career & approach to science policy]
07 Feb 21 We Full Text Minor Archive (Sir George Young) MT: “Margaret Thatcher statue unveiled” (Sir George Young’s blog entry)
06 Mar 16 Th Full Text Major Archive (Thatcher MSS) IEA Seminar (25th anniversary of 1981 budget) [Andrew Alexander, Terry Burns, David Laws, Stephen Nickell, Michael Oliver & Geoffrey Wood]
14 Dec 5 Fr PDF Major Bastien (Frédéric) Canada: Frédéric Bastien “Thatcher’s Green Light” (extract from The Battle of London ) [study of the patriation of Canadian constitution] [published 2014]
16 Nov 3 Th PDF Major Bermant (Azriel) Middle East: Azriel Bermant "Thatcher's Diplomatic Initiative" (chapter 7 of Margaret Thatcher and the Middle East ) [1983-85]
08 May 1 Th PDF Major Cartledge (Sir Bryan) Cold War: Interview with Sir Bryan Cartledge (Private Secretary to PM, 1977-79; UK Ambassador to Hungary, 1980-83; to Moscow, 1985-88)
98 Oct 1 Th Full Text Minor Collins (Christopher) Editorial policy of site: Preface to Complete Public Statements of Margaret Thatcher, 1945-90 on CD-ROM (Oxford University Press, 1998)
14 Sep 15 Mo PDF Major Collins (Christopher) Budget: “The Origins of the Budget in 1980” (pre-history of the 1981 budget in events of Jul-Dec 1980)
06 Aug 29 Tu Full Text Trivial Commentary (BBC) MT: "Maggie rated best Prime Minister of 20th Century" (by BBC History Magazine )
07 Mar 19 Mo PDF Major Commentary (CIA Center for the Study of Intelligence) Cold War: CIA intelligence monograph (“A Cold War Conundrum: The 1983 Soviet War Scare”) [origins and scope of Operation RYAN]
04 Nov 6 Sa Full Text Major Commentary (ABC News & MSNBC) Obituary: Reagan [Ronald] (ABC & MSNBC coverage of MT's role at funeral)
08 Apr 15 Tu PDF Minor Commentary (Daily Mail) Hailsham diary: "Night the PM was nearly kidnapped by Scottish students" (Alec Douglas-Home talked them out of it)
05 Oct 12 We Full Text Major Commentary (Daily Telegraph) MT at 80: “The mellowing of Margaret Thatcher” (Charles Moore profile)
06 Mar 15 We Full Text Major Commentary (Daily Telegraph) Economy: "How 364 economists got it totally wrong" (25th anniversary of 1981 budget)
08 Apr 14 Mo Full Text Minor Commentary (Daily Telegraph) Hailsham diary: "How Alec Douglas-Home foiled student kidnappers with beer" (1964 security breach)
14 Mar 12 We PDF Major Commentary (Le Monde) Coal: "The strike which changed the United Kingdom" (30 year assessment of 1984-85 strike)
07 Feb 8 Th Full Text Minor Commentary (RAF News) Cold War: “Freezing temperatures as Cold War Exhibition opens” [MT at RAF Cosford]
93 Oct 3 Su Full Text Key Commentary (Scotland on Sunday) Leadership elections: “Thatcher: The Inside Story” (George Younger’s recollections of 1989-90)
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