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82 Jul 20 Tu Info Only Major [Chronology] IRA bombs in Hyde Park and Regent's Park
83 Sep 25 Su Info Only Major [Chronology] Mass break out from Maze prison
83 Nov 7 Mo Info Only Major [Chronology] Anglo-Irish summit at Chequers
83 Dec 17 Sa Info Only Major [Chronology] IRA bombed Harrods
84 Apr 17 Tu Info Only Major [Chronology] Libyan Embassy siege began after murder of WPC Fletcher (ended 27 Apr)
84 Oct 12 Fr Info Only Key [Chronology] Brighton bomb
84 Nov 18 Su Full Text Major [Chronology] Anglo-Irish summit at Chequers (ending 19 Nov)
85 Feb 28 Th Info Only Major [Chronology] Newry RUC Station attacked by IRA mortars; 9 killed
85 Jul 30 Tu Info Only Minor [Chronology] BBC Governors withdrew Real Lives for editing
85 Oct 7 Mo Full Text Major Chronology Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro hijacked by Palestinian terrorists (arrested on Sicily 11 Oct)
85 Nov 15 Fr Info Only Key [Chronology] Anglo-Irish Agreement signed at Hillsborough
85 Dec 27 Fr Info Only Major [Chronology] Palestinian terrorists killed 27 at Rome and Vienna airports; Libya involved
86 Apr 17 Th Info Only Major [Chronology] Hindawi affair - Syrian attempt to bomb El Al 747 at Heathrow
86 May 30 Fr Info Only Major [Chronology] Stalker suspended
87 Jan 20 Tu Info Only Minor [Chronology] Birmingham Six case referred back to Court of Appeal (appeal rejected 28 Jan 1988)
87 Oct 31 Sa Info Only Major [Chronology] French intercepted huge IRA arms shipment from Libya (Eksund)
87 Nov 8 Su Info Only Major [Chronology] IRA bombed Enniskillen remembrance service (11 killed)
88 Jan 25 Mo Info Only Minor [Chronology] HC: Mayhew announced no prosecutions from Stalker-Sampson inquiry
88 Mar 19 Sa Info Only Major [Chronology] Army corporals murdered at Republican funeral in Belfast
88 Aug 20 Sa Info Only Major [Chronology] IRA Ballygawley bomb; MT initiated security review
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