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76 Dec 1 We Info Only Key [Chronology] Shadow Cabinet decided to oppose devolution on 2R; Buchanan-Smith and Rifkind resigned
76 Dec 15 We Info Only Key [Chronology] Budget: Letter of Intent to IMF published (loan granted 3 Jan 77)
77 Feb 22 Tu Info Only Key [Chronology] HC: devolution guillotine defeated 312:283
77 Mar 23 We Full Text Key [Chronology] Lib-Lab Pact
78 Jul 21 Fr Full Text Key [Chronology] Stage 3 White Paper: 5 per cent pay guideline
78 Sep 7 Th Full Text Key [Chronology] Callaghan surprise broadcast: no autumn General Election
79 Jan 3 We Full Text Key [Chronology] Lorry drivers’ strike began; "Winter of Discontent" peaking
79 Jan 10 We Full Text Key [Chronology] Callaghan's return from Guadelope Summit: "Crisis, What Crisis?" ( Sun )
79 Mar 28 We Full Text Key [Chronology] HC: Government fell
79 Mar 29 Th Full Text Key [Chronology] General Election announced for 3 May
79 Mar 30 Fr Info Only Key [Chronology] Airey Neave murdered by INLA
79 May 3 Th Full Text Key [Chronology] General Election: Conservative victory (43 majority)
79 May 4 Fr Full Text Key [Chronology] MT appointed Prime Minister
79 Jun 7 Th Info Only Key [Chronology] European Elections
79 Jun 12 Tu Info Only Key [Chronology] Budget
79 Jul 31 Tu Info Only Key [Chronology] Lusaka Commonwealth Meeting began (ended 8 Aug)
79 Aug 27 Mo Info Only Key [Chronology] IRA murdered Mountbatten and 18 soldiers (Warrenpoint)
79 Oct 23 Tu Info Only Key [Chronology] Exchange controls abolished
79 Nov 29 Th Full Text Key [Chronology] Dublin European Council (ended 30 Nov); budget row
79 Dec 24 Mo Full Text Key [Chronology] USSR invaded Afghanistan
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