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1975-79: Leader of the Opposition Chronology

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77 Nov 19 Sa Info Only Major [Chronology] Egypt/Israeli accord: Sadat visited Jerusalem
77 Nov 29 Tu Info Only Major [Chronology] Amnesty for illegal immigrants before 1 Jan 1976
77 Dec 13 Tu Info Only Major [Chronology] HC: European elections; Government proposal of PR rejected
78 Jan 25 We Info Only Major [Chronology] HC: Cunningham amendment (40 per cent threshold for devolution)
78 Mar 3 Fr Info Only Major [Chronology] Rhodesia: "internal settlement" (Muzorewa joined Smith Government)
78 Mar 16 Th Full Text Major [Chronology] Italy: kidnap of Aldo Moro (found dead 9 May)
78 May 8 Mo Info Only Major [Chronology] HC: Opposition amendment carried reducing basic rate by 1p
78 May 10 We Info Only Major [Chronology] HC: second Finance Bill defeat for Government
78 May 25 Th Full Text Major [Chronology] Steel announced end of Lib-Lab Pact after Parliamentary session
78 Jul 7 Fr Full Text Major [Chronology] Bremen European Council: decision to establish EMS
78 Jul 21 Fr Full Text Key [Chronology] Stage 3 White Paper: 5 per cent pay guideline
78 Aug 4 Fr Info Only Major [Chronology] Thorpe and three others charged with conspiracy to murder
78 Sep 5 Tu Full Text Major [Chronology] Callaghan teased TUC about election dates ("waiting at the church")
78 Sep 7 Th Full Text Key [Chronology] Callaghan surprise broadcast: no autumn General Election
78 Sep 21 Th Info Only Major [Chronology] Ford strike: settled 2 Nov over 5 per cent limit
78 Oct 2 Mo Info Only Major [Chronology] Labour Conference (ended 6 Oct): rejected pay policy
78 Oct 10 Tu Info Only Major [Chronology] Conservative Conference (till 14 Oct): disputes over pay policy
78 Nov 8 We Info Only Major [Chronology] HC: 114 Conservatives defied the whip (Rhodesian sanctions)
78 Nov 15 We Info Only Major [Chronology] Reshuffle: Pym replaced John Davies as shadow Foreign Secretary
78 Nov 27 Mo Info Only Major [Chronology] MT met Ronald Reagan for the second time (or possibly the third)
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