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1975-79: Leader of the Opposition Chronology

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76 Apr 5 Mo Full Text Key [Chronology] Callaghan elected Labour leader; became Prime Minister
76 Apr 7 We Info Only Key [Chronology] Government lost its majority (Stonehouse resigned whip)
76 May 5 We Info Only Major [Chronology] Stage II of pay policy agreed with TUC
76 May 6 Th Info Only Major [Chronology] Local elections: large Conservative gains (1800+)
76 May 10 Mo Info Only Major [Chronology] Thorpe resigned as Liberal leader over Scott affair
76 May 26 We Info Only Major [Chronology] Wilson's resignation honours list published; scandal
76 May 27 Th Info Only Major [Chronology] HC: Heseltine mace incident (government whip broke pair)
76 May 28 Fr Info Only Major [Chronology] Opposition withdrew cooperation over Commons business
76 Jun 7 Mo Info Only Major [Chronology] UK given $5,300m standby credit by Bank of International Settlements
76 Jun 22 Tu Info Only Major [Chronology] Government conceded in pairing dispute; cooperation resumed
76 Jul 7 We Info Only Major [Chronology] David Steel elected Liberal leader
76 Jul 22 Th Info Only Major [Chronology] Public expenditure cuts of 1,000m
76 Aug 2 Mo Info Only Major [Chronology] Government lost Tameside case in House of Lords
76 Aug 30 Mo Info Only Major [Chronology] Riot at Notting Hill carnival
76 Sep 28 Tu Info Only Key [Chronology] Sterling crisis resumed: Healey turned back from Heathrow
76 Oct 4 Mo Full Text Key [Chronology] The Right Approach published
76 Nov 1 Mo Info Only Major [Chronology] IMF team arrived in Britain
76 Nov 2 Tu Info Only Major [Chronology] US: Carter won presidential election
76 Nov 4 Th Info Only Major [Chronology] Walsall North and Workington by-elections: Labour lost to Conservatives
76 Nov 19 Fr Info Only Major [Chronology] Shadow reshuffle: Maudling dropped (replaced by John Davies)
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