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1979-90: Prime Minister Chronology

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Date Type Value Author/Source Title
84 Mar 2 Fr Full Text Major Anglo-Dutch summit in London
85 Jan 26 Sa Full Text Major Anglo-Dutch summit at Chequers
79 May 4 Fr Full Text Key [Chronology] MT appointed Prime Minister
79 May 5 Sa Info Only Major [Chronology] Cabinet announced
79 May 10 Th Info Only Major [Chronology] Anglo-German summit in London
79 Jun 5 Tu Info Only Major [Chronology] Anglo-French summit in Paris
79 Jun 7 Th Info Only Key [Chronology] European Elections
79 Jun 12 Tu Info Only Key [Chronology] Budget
79 Jun 18 Mo Info Only Major [Chronology] SALT II signed in Vienna
79 Jun 21 Th Full Text Major [Chronology] Strasbourg European Council (ended 22 Jun)
79 Jun 26 Tu Info Only Major [Chronology] MT stop-over in Moscow en route to Tokyo G7
79 Jun 27 We Full Text Major [Chronology] Tokyo G7 (ended 29 Jun)
79 Jun 30 Sa Info Only Minor [Chronology] MT arrived in Australia (returned 1 Jul via Singapore)
79 Jul 31 Tu Info Only Key [Chronology] Lusaka Commonwealth Meeting began (ended 8 Aug)
79 Aug 27 Mo Info Only Key [Chronology] IRA murdered Mountbatten and 18 soldiers (Warrenpoint)
79 Sep 5 We Info Only Major [Chronology] MT met Irish PM at No.10
79 Sep 10 Mo Info Only Major [Chronology] Lancaster House Conference opened (ended 21 Dec)
79 Oct 4 Th Info Only Major [Chronology] Anglo-Italian summit in Rome (ended 5 Oct)
79 Oct 23 Tu Info Only Key [Chronology] Exchange controls abolished
79 Oct 28 Su Info Only Major [Chronology] Visit of Chinese President Hua (ended 3 Nov)
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