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1975-79: Leader of the Opposition Chronology

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75 Feb 11 Tu Full Text Key [Chronology] Conservative leadership second ballot: MT elected leader
75 Mar 10 Mo Full Text Major [Chronology] Dublin European Council (ended 11 Mar): British `renegotiation’ concluded
75 Nov 27 Th Full Text Key [Chronology] Ross McWhirter murdered by IRA - MT given 24 hour police protection
76 Apr 5 Mo Full Text Key [Chronology] Callaghan elected Labour leader; became Prime Minister
76 Oct 4 Mo Full Text Key [Chronology] The Right Approach published
77 Mar 23 We Full Text Key [Chronology] Lib-Lab Pact
77 Jun 13 Mo Full Text Major [Chronology] Grunwick dispute: mass picketing began
77 Aug 26 Fr Full Text Major [Chronology] Scarman Report on Grunwick dispute
77 Oct 8 Sa Full Text Major [Chronology] Reg Prentice joined Conservative Party
77 Oct 8 Sa Full Text Major [Chronology] The Right Approach to the Economy published
78 Mar 16 Th Full Text Major [Chronology] Italy: kidnap of Aldo Moro (found dead 9 May)
78 May 25 Th Full Text Major [Chronology] Steel announced end of Lib-Lab Pact after Parliamentary session
78 Jul 7 Fr Full Text Major [Chronology] Bremen European Council: decision to establish EMS
78 Jul 21 Fr Full Text Key [Chronology] Stage 3 White Paper: 5 per cent pay guideline
78 Sep 5 Tu Full Text Major [Chronology] Callaghan teased TUC about election dates ("waiting at the church")
78 Sep 7 Th Full Text Key [Chronology] Callaghan surprise broadcast: no autumn General Election
79 Jan 3 We Full Text Key [Chronology] Lorry drivers’ strike began; "Winter of Discontent" peaking
79 Jan 10 We Full Text Key [Chronology] Callaghan's return from Guadelope Summit: "Crisis, What Crisis?" ( Sun )
79 Mar 28 We Full Text Key [Chronology] HC: Government fell
79 Mar 29 Th Full Text Key [Chronology] General Election announced for 3 May
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